"Alright, so here's the thing," Dr. {{name}} {{surname}} begins. "We need to find some sort of narrative SCP that we could test my theory on."

"Right, but... there's none like that." says Dr. Annabel Xiulan. "They're all contained. And anyway, 3939 is unique by definition, or it'd be called SCP-3939-2 or something."

{{name}} nods. "Right."

The blackboard between them is covered with scribbles - half-formed ideas and useless containment strategies.

A long moment passes.

{{name}} glances at Annabel, and can't help but comment on her expression - "I know that face."

Annabel looks at the floor. "No, no. It's a stupid idea."

"I want to hear it. It's better than anything I'd be able to come up with."

Her gaze doesn't lift from the floor. "I worked on an SCP that's got an unhealthy obsession. If we could possibly put that into a narrative, then we've got a huge McGuffin right there that we can use to keep it in the story."

{{name}}'s face lights up. "For real? That makes things so much easier. Which SCP?"

Annabel nods. "SCP-4131. It's an anomalocaris, except it has guns for a face. And it's obsessed with hunting down trilobites."

{{name}}'s expression turns from excitement to confused frustration. "An anomalocaris?"

"It's an ancient creature that eats trilobites. Uh, trilobites are—"

"—yeah, I know what they are, but how is that useful? Is it at least a fictional anomalocaris?"

"Well, no, it's real, but I was just thinking that we could use its McGuffin in a narrative to keep it contained, maybe."

"And just how the fuck would we do that?"

"I don't know, aren't you supposed to be the narrative expert?"

"Oh, fuck off, Annabel. You of all people should know that you can't just put, like, a real actual thing into a narrative. That's not how it works. And by 'you of all people' I mean 'literally everyone knows that that makes literally zero sense because it's common fucking logic'."

"Fucking hell, {{name}}, I'm just trying to be helpful?"

"Helpful? 'Oh you need to contain an entity that can only exist in information? Why not try an entity that can only exist in fucking atoms, they're basically the same!' Yep, really helpful, thank you Dr. Xiulan."

With a grunt, Annabel picks herself and makes her way over to the door.

"Let me know when you come up with a better idea," she says, before closing the door shut behind her, loudly enough to be significant but not quite hard enough to constitute a slam.